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Dogging meets in Wales

So where are the best places to find local Dogging meets in Wales? If you keep reading you’ll soon find out. Dogging in wales has become so popular over the years, so much so in fact there’s regular meetings held, and of course loads of public dogging sex. Looking around dogging profiles is a good way of locating some of the regular dogging spots, but there are a few constant places that dogging lovers seem to be frequenting on a regular basis. Glamorgan has some of the best dogging locations that I have seen, from places where people have sex in public (no touching), all the way up to the hottest dogging in wales possible. Dogging in Barry, located within Glamorgan has decent action most nights of the week. It doesn’t actually take much to find dogging if you look around, most parks and dark areas are the best places to go. Any dogging lover will know the rules, but first timers are not that wary of what guidelines you should follow. If you happen to be out and about and see a couple dogging in the park, keep a safe distance and just enjoy the view.

A serious dogging couple will let you know if they want you to come closer, or even if they might want you to join in. Don’t think they don’t know you are there, that’s the whole purpose of dogging, people want to be watched! Dogging meets in Wales are exactly what you happen to be on the lookout for, so about now would be a good time to tell you at this exact moment people are doing dogging acts right now! If you’ve never been interested in dogging I would say now is an awesome time to start, not just because of how popular it is, but simply because I think everyone needs to try dogging at least once. That first moment when you walk around a corner in the park and see a guy and girl going for it is breathtaking, you wonder if you should turn around and walk the other way, or maybe hide behind a bush and continue watching them having sex. Those curious people among us would surely sit there and watch the action. And that’s just my point, dogging lovers like you and me are the reason why Dogging meets in Wales are on the up and go.

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