Partner wanted for sex club this weekend

I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a swinger sex club, not until my friend took me to one the other night. I could hardly keep my mouth closed, this exclusive sex club was going wild with loads of horny guys and girls all having sex. The music was pumping as well, that totally set the mood for things to come. I’m not going to tell you everything I did at the swinger sex club, I will tell you though I am going back there this weekend. My friend can’t make it, so I am going to need at least one willing guy who can take me out and have some fun with me. You needn’t be a swinger to enjoy going to a swinger sex club, first timers have as much fun as anyone. It’s all about showing respect if you stick to the rules of a sex club you’ll be sure everyone has a great time. I’m thinking Saturday night would work well for me, so if you are not busy, why don’t you send me a message and we can hook up at our local swinger sex club?

Kim is from Llandudno.
Gender: Female
Username: Kim
Age: 37
Marital Status: Single
Turn ons: ,
Best features: My chubby bum and plump tits
Looking for: Partner to go to swinger clubs with
Target age: Anyone over 30

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